Which Glove is Right for You?

So Many Gloves at BuyFastpitchGloves.comWhich glove is right for my kid?

I hear that question over and over. I don’t think there is one simple answer since every kid is different and everyone has different preferences.

Some like small gloves, some like them large, huge even. Some prefer a really soft leather that is easy to break in fast, others want a leather that is stiff out of the box. Some kids like the velcro wrist strap to help adjust the fit, others like the closed back. There are just so many options and variations it’s really hard to say which is the best glove.

So here is a video that my friends over at Vinci Pro put together that I think at least shows a lot of the options available to you. Wayne does a nice job of describing the gloves and as they say, a picture – video in this case – is worth a thousand words. So to save my typing fingers and, oh well here is the video.

Hope you enjoyed the video and got some ideas for your new glove. Over at BuyFastpitchGloves.com you can find all the Vinci Pro softball and baseball gloves.

Head over there now and pick out your new Vinci Softball Glove.

Vinci makes a few different series of gloves. In the video Wayne talks about the 22 Series and the Limited Series. Both are excellent quality gloves. The main difference is the leather. The specifications are nearly the same other than that.

The 22 Series glove are crafted out of a top quality Steerhide that is perfectly tanned to help you break in your glove quickly- usually within a couple weeks or sooner.

The Limited series are crafted from 6 oz Kip leather with is a thick, strong leather that is really stiff right out of the box. It breaks in very nicely and will last you many years holding it’s shape all the time. Most of the Women’s Fastpitch Series are the Limited and also feature the Kevlar Mesh on the back. These are some of the nicest gloves I’ve seen and used.  Don’t be afraid of how stiff they are, they can be broken in within a few weeks if done right.

Take a look over at BuyFastpitchGloves.com or give ‘em a call or email.  support@buyfastpitchgloves.com  They will be glad to talk softball with you.

Vinci Pro Softball Gloves from BuyFastpitchGloves.comVinci Softball Gloves from BuyFastpitchGloves.com


Glove Care Tips – Follow The Rabbits Tail To Relace Your Baseball Glove

Ok, so here we go again with another post in my little series about softball glove re-lacing tips. This one comes from me. It’s probably widely known, but I’ve spoken to a lot of “newbie” lacers lately that ask, so here goes.

Follow The Rabbit’s Tail

I’m not sure what to call it really, so Follow the Rabbits Tail sounded good to me. I get lots of phone calls from folks needing to fix a baseball glove. It’s pretty common for a lace to break right before the championship game. When else would it break, certainly not in the off-season.


My Kid Wants to Match Her Team Colors

Others are just wanting to add some custom color laces to their kid’s gamer. Re-lacing with colored baseball glove lace is a great way to get a custom glove and save a lot of money. You can find leather lace in just about any team color and the old standards as well.  Colored Baseball Glove Lace | at BuyFastpitchGloves.com


It CaN’t Be THat HaRd…

The one thing that I hear the most is that they’ve never laced a glove before and just want to give it a try. Can’t be that hard can it? Well, it can certainly cause you some stress when you get all the lace pulled out and can’t seem to remember how it was laced up.


Uh Oh – Which Hole Did I Start With?

One trick that I learned early on, after pulling all the lace out of a web, was don’t pull it all out at once. As a newbie I thought it would be easiest to just pull it all out and  just put it back in. But then I couldn’t seem to remember how it came out. Uh oh, she needs her glove for practice tomorrow night.


Here’s The Tip

So the tip for beginners is to just follow the rabbit’s tail. What I mean is this. As you pull out the old lace, follow it with the new lace. Pull out a couple holes, then replace with the new lace before you forget the lacing pattern.

Some of the newer gloves can have some strange lacing patterns. Many of the older, vintage gloves have simpler patterns so it’s not so hard on most older gloves, those that are 1970′s or earlier.

There is a gotcha involved even with the Follow The Rabbit’s Tail tip. If you start at the end, you may have to do it all over again from the beginning. Confusing eh?

Before you pull out the old lace, and follow it with the new lace, take a good look at the lacing pattern. Try to trace it through your glove, see if you can determine where it starts, and where it ends.

Sometimes there is a definite beginning point and a definite ending point. In those cases you really need to start at the beginning. Some laces are tied off inside the glove. In that case, that is your starting point, not the end point. That is probably clear as mud, but take a look and you’ll probably see what I mean.

Usually the lacing around the “heal” of your glove is done that way. They start it by putting the tag end inside between the two pieces of glove. This is very common and actually makes a very strong joint. The lacing wraps around itself and pulls very tight. It won’t slip out if you do it correctly.

Another place you sometimes see this is on catchers mitts. The finger and thumb inside areas are like that. Those laces are used to hold the padding in place, and for looks. The first time you come across one of these it won’t make much sense why they laced it like that. It seems to start and end nowhere.

In those cases, you have to remove the entire outside perimeter of the glove lace to get to that “thumb” lace. Then pull the glove apart to get to the tag ends of those laces. Many times the padding will be sewn in place also, so this lacing may actually only be for looks.

The first time I encountered this, the only lace that needed replacing was one of these “thumb” laces. I had to remove that entire perimeter just to get to the thumb lace, and in that glove the padding was sewn in place. So I replaced the broken lace just to make the glove look good again.

As you advance in your re-lacing skills you’ll find it’s not necessary to use the Follow the Rabbit’s Tail trick. After several jobs you will begin to see the patterns that are used, and perhaps even develop better ones of your own. But for the newbies out there, just remember to Follow the Rabbit’s Tail and get your baseball glove laced quickly and correctly.

By the way, if you want to customize your old gamer and add some colored baseball glove lace, head over to www.BuyFastpitchGloves.com/glovecare.html and find all the materials and supplies you need.

Here’s a great resource for the newbie glove repair guy. Fix That Glove is a downloadable book that details all the steps to fixing a ball glove. He has lots of full color pictures to show step by step how to repair and relace fielding gloves, catchers mitts and first base mitts. If you need some really good advice on baseball glove repair, I recommend Fix That Glove.



After a few lace jobs you can have results like these too

Baseball Glove Repair Tips | at BuyFastpitchGloves.com


How To Get The Most Out of Baseball Glove Lace – Glove Lacing Tips

Baseball Glove Relacing TipsI was thinking the other day that it would be nice if someone wrote down a bunch of baseball glove lacing tips. You know, the tricks learned over many years of doing glove repair.

Most of us have to learn it the hard way, by screwing up and pulling all the lace out and doing it all over again. Or cutting the lace at the end of a run and then discovering that you missed a couple holes and now the lace is an inch too short.

So I thought that I’d give out a few tricks I’ve learned, some of my own and most from other glove repair guys. I’ll try to give a couple good tips today and think of some more for next time.

This tip may seem a little advanced but it’s actually a good one that I got from a guy named Brian. I had already tried part of it but not all of it.

Ok, here’s the first tip.

Let me preface it a bit first.  You know how most gloves get dirty and dried out with use, and the lace holes seem to shrink over time? You could just use a thinner lace, like 3/16 inch width lace and that would be just fine. But the 1/4 inch lace width just looks better and is a bit stronger in the pocket area. Baseball Glove Repair Tips | at BuyFastpitchGloves.com

So here’s how you make it fit.

Take your 1/4×72 inch rawhide lace and soak it in a bowl of clean water until it is soaked through. That takes 10-15 minutes or so.

Then pull it out and give it a good tug. You can pull pretty hard on it when it is soaking wet like that. Wet lace is actually very strong and will take a good hard tug.

Ok, so what you are trying to do is to stretch it. And by doing so you actually make it a little thinner. It’s not gonna be as thin as 3/16 inch but it will be thin enough usually to fit in the shrunken holes on your old glove.

After you stretch it out, hang it to dry overnight. Or just long enough to let it get dry again. Then take your tub of Pecard Glove Dressing or your favorite leather conditioner and rub it in good.

Then I like to store the laces in a plastic baggy a few hours or overnight if I have the time.

The water will make the lace really dry and stiff again, so you need to condition the lace before stringing it in your glove. This replaces the moisturizers and protects the lace. It also makes it slide through the holes easier.

That’s it. You will get about an extra 6 inches of lace by doing this little trick and make your job a lot easier.

By the way, if you need some good baseball glove leather conditioner,  I suggest Pecard Glove Dressing. I have been using it on all my glove re-lace jobs and also for conditioning the glove itself.

It softens the leather and if you let it dry a bit after applying it, you can buff it out kind of like you would your dress shoes and the surface waxes in the conditioner buff up to a nice little sheen. They also help protect the leather by adding a layer of moisture resistance.

Hey, remember to clean and condition the inside of your glove too. It gets really nasty in there after a while.

Check out all the softball glove care products over at www.BuyFastpitchGloves.com and check back here for more glove care tips soon.

Colored Baseball Glove Lace | at BuyFastpitchGloves.com


Add POP Without all the Weights

If you’ve been around here for any time you already know I am not a fan of using heavy weightlifting for girls. I will admit that if, and only if, it is individually supervised it can give some good results. There are too many high school age kids that cause injuries to themselves from lifting in their off season workout programs.Girls Weightlifting | Have a spotter | Have A Coach Present

Most of the times, the coach is either not there or is busy helping one kid or two and the others are off trying to max out and all the while doing it wrong. With max weight on, all it takes is one small mechanical mishap and your shoulder is injured and your preseason training is gone. Can’t have that.

Have a Spotter with you at all times and have a Coach teach you the proper way to perform the exercises. The heavier the weight, the more necessary to have a coach present.


So What Is A kid To Do…

Glad you asked. My friend Barry Loveless from over at Softball Strong has come out with another great DVD training program in a long line of great programs from Barry.  He calls this one Pitchers POP Training. This training, as with just about all his trainings are focused on using bands, balls and bodyweight. That is right up my alley. I’ve always known you could train with body weight just as well. Especially for softball and baseball.


Pitchers POP Training




He began this as a group training for younger kids at his Barry Lovelace Athlete Training Academy located in Catasauqua Pa.  and has since recorded, tweaked and put it out on DVD for the rest of us not local to his academy.

We have used his products before, in particular the Softball Pitchers Workout and that one continues to provide strength and speed. This new one should enhance the training even more.

Pitchers Pop Training | Single Leg Raise with Kettle bells


So you’re probably asking Who is Barry Lovelace and why should you trust him?

Barry Lovelace is an internationally recognized sports performance specialist known as ‘The King of Core’ and has been interviewed for featured articles in Women’s HealthMen’s Health and Men’s Fitness. As of December 2011, over 125,000 athletes and coaches worldwide use Barry’s training techniques with great success including an Olympian, professional athletes, USA National Team Members and National and State Championship teams.
He owns the Barry Lovelace Athlete Training Academy located in Catasauqua Pa. Barry has several athlete training DVD’s including Training for Volleyball, Volleyball Team Training, Core STRONG 13, Softball Team Training, Core Power for Baseball, and Pitcher’s POP Training as well as the exercise video Exercise 4 EveryBODY.
Take a look at Barry’s new Pitchers Pop Training and get Dramatic Results Tonight.
image credit: exrx.net

College Softball Recruiting from The Coach’s Perspective – Part 2

Coach has been very gracious in forwarding these great tips. I felt obligated to forward them on to you.

Take few minutes and read through this post. I think you will find some tips that you may not have known about the college athletic recruiting process.

College Coach | Recruiting Coach | How To Email Coaches

Recruiting Tips

(By: Nic Nelson, Head Softball Coach, Lake Land College and Founder of Elite Softball)


If you we’re to ask most college coaches what player is the most important to their team the majority would answer the recruit. Put yourself in a college coach’s shoes, knowing that every recruit has the ability to affect their program either positively or negatively. In other words a recruit could help a college coach win a championship or get them fired. Along with softball athletic talent, coaches are looking for team players who are self-motivated, possess personal pride, personal responsibility and a true passion to play the game. Coaches are not just looking at a player’s softball athletic talent but their attitude and character as well. As a college head coach, I study recruiting and constantly ask coaches about their recruiting technique to help improve mine. Knowing some of these techniques can help you as well. The following are comments that came from respected and successful NCAA DI coaches I have visited with about what they look for when recruiting.


“I look at the little things that indicate self-motivation, personal pride and passion for the game”

After all, when they come to school, they have to be able to take care of themselves. They must get to class on time and pay attention to studies, work out on their own, and represent our school with pride. To help try to find these characteristics in a recruit these are little things I look at:

·         Is she the first to practice or games and the last to leave?

·         Does she carry her equipment or does your mom and dad?

·         Does she dress and look like an athlete. Wearing their uniform with neat pants pulled up, jersey tucked in, hat or visor on right and no jewelry?

·         Does she sprint on and off the field?

·         Does she run everything out?

·         Does she leave her feet (dive) when necessary?

·         Does she look and act confident?

·         Does she warm up and practice as hard as she plays?

·         Does she keep moving around and talking through out the game between pitches?


These little things help me determine if a player might be self motivated and possesses personal pride and responsibility.


“A player that can play more than one position is big to us”

If you can play more than one position, you become more valuable to college coaches and have a greater chance of getting in the game. Most players don’t play the position in college that they played in high school. Also, in college the softball season is longer and more intense. So injuries come into play more than in high school, being able to play another position comes in big to a college team. Besides, the more positions you play the more options the coach has and the more valuable you are to them. If a coach asked you what position you play the answer is what ever put me on the field.


“If I don’t see it at the plate I don’t even look at the field.”

You must be able to hit. Softball is no longer a short game – it is a combination of the short game and the power game. If you are watching the NCAA World Series, how much bunting do you see compared to your high school and summer teams? At the higher collegiate programs, the slap and bunt are emphasized less because of the athleticism of the infielders, so you must be able to hit the gaps to keep them honest.


“I like to watch recruits from the other side of the field to check their attitude.”

I want to see how a player I’m recruiting reacts to adversity. What is she like when she strikes out or giving up a home run. That is just as important as their good play. Is she focusing on the game or practice or is she talking to people about other things or to people off the field?

·         Does the player throw the bat or helmet when she gets mad when she strikes out?

·         Does she hang her head down in disappointment?

·         Does she yell and disrespect teammates?

·         Does she show disrespect to coaches, umpires and parents?

·          When a player is having a bad day, does she stay in the game and support the other players or go off and sulk?

·         I start watching the player I’m interested in the moment she gets out of the car.


Always act as if someone is watching, and play like everybody there came to watch you play. It takes three things to win: quality talent, good coaching and team chemistry. And the last is the most important. When you are in college you spend more time in a day with your teammates and coaches than you currently spend with your family. So we look for people we want to hang with. Simply put, if I think you will be disruptive to the team chemistry I’m not going to recruit you. Note: Perception is reality. The attitude you project is the attitude people perceive.


“Our first look at a recruit’s character is to go to their Facebook page.”

Once I find a recruit I’m interested in, we’ll take the time to check out her character. We call coaches, teachers, counselors, and principals. But my first character check will be to get online and check out their Facebook page.  Remember, perception is reality. If you don’t think this is important, I can give you the names of some past coaches and players who are no longer coaching or playing because of Facebook. Most coaches have someone on their staff that checks their players’ Facebook page once or twice a day. Once you comment to a college to play, you now represent that school and everybody involved with that school. If a member of the board of trustees or administer see or hears something they don’t like I can promise you the coach will hear about. And these are the people paying the coaches salary and your scholarship. Welcome to college athletics it isn’t high school or travel ball.


“I start the recruiting process with a player’s email address.”

I get around 40 emails on average a week. If I see an email with a questionable name like Sexypitcher1, partygirl 2, or anything that might indicate a character flaw, I just delete her and that’s as far as it goes.


“We’re not going to waste a scholarship on kids who can’t keep up with grades.”

You’re going to school to be a Student Athlete, not an Athlete Student. Eligibility rules to be able to play are not like high school where as soon as you get your grades up you can play. If at the end of the fall semester in college you are academically ineligible, you are ineligible for the entire spring semester. Something a college coach does not want to have to explain to the Athletic Director is why a scholarship (the school’s money) was wasted. To put it in another way could you keep your job if you lost 10 to 30, 000 dollars of the company’s money? Also NCAA has rules for athletic programs who don’t maintain graduation and GPA standards which could include the risk of losing scholarships.


“I really get bothered if all the contact is with the parents.”

We are recruiting the player, not the parent. We get concerned when a recruit comes on campus with her parents and we ask her a question and the parent answers it. I wonder what’s going to happen when the player gets on campus without her parents. Will she be able to function? I remember the time we brought a player on campus and had planned to make her a full ride offer. But after dinner, the offer went to ½, and if we had dessert it probably would have been nothing because of her dad. Parents, stay out of the way. Your daughter is the one getting recruited, not you. Coaches want to visit and look at her, not you. Also get to know the rules. By NCAA rules, coaches are not allowed to talk to a recruit or her parents off campus during certain times and never at tournaments. Doing so risks the chance of that school being given sanctions or even making your daughter ineligible. Thumb rule: if coaches want to talk to you or your daughter, they will find you.



Softball Recruiting From The Coach’s Perspective – Part 1

Today I have a treat for you. I received a really nice letter, well my daughter received the letter – from a head coach of a college softball team. That in itself is awesome but not unusual for her. What is the cool part is that he had written a couple of great articles about recruiting and what they expect from the athletes.

I have, and you probably have too, spoken to coaches at all college levels about recruiting and most are very reluctant to speak about what it is they are really looking for.  We get lots of information from recruiting websites and such but not a lot directly from a coach.

I know that my kiddo needs help in contacting coaches, saying the right things, and can use all the help she can get. I am willing to bet that your kids could use the help too.

College Coach | Recruiting Coach | How To Email CoachesSo in the next few issues of Hit The Gap I am going to provide you those  same articles for your reading pleasure. So here is Part 1 of:

How To Email Coaches

By Nic Nelson, Head Softball Coach, Lake Land College

When you email a college coach, you need to understand the large volume of emails that college coaches get from players looking for a college softball home. Next to talent, personal responsibility is the number one trait coaches look for in a potential recruit. Timely and well-written emails can give hints about personal responsibility. Keep in mind a well-written original email can enhance your ability of getting recruited, so take the time and do it right. Here are some suggestions on how to email a college coach:


Use a good email address

So the first challenge is just getting the coach to open your email. For many coaches, the recruiting process starts with a player’s email address. If a coach sees an email with a questionable name like Sexypitcher1, partygirl 2, or anything that might indicate a character flaw, your email may get deleted, thus ending the process. Make sure you have a good email address.


How to address the coach

Always start your email to a college coach with “Coach” and his or her last name (ex. Coach Nelson). This is a sign of respect. Don’t Coach and their first name (ex. Coach Nic) even if you know them. Most players start their emails with just Coach, coaches see this and think it is an email being sent out to several coaches. You need to make it as personal as possible.

Player Rounding 3rd | Going all out


Emails must come from the player:

I was a parent I know how hard this is. But realize we are recruiting the daughter not mom and dad. It is college they are eighteen years old and coaches do not like hearing from the parents.


Be Original

I was at a tournament a couple of weekends ago a few coaches were talking about emails they got and how they all started and sounded the same. You have to set your self apart from other players sending emails. Write your own email in your own words.

Part 2 of this great set of instructions will come in the next newsletter. Be watching for it, coach has some more great tips that you surely will enjoy reading.

Now go get started on those emails, after your homework is done of course…

All the best,


One more thing. Here is a great recruiting video from Lake Land College Softball. Give it a look.


Vinci is on a Roll… bringing back one of the favorites…

PJV55 in Black with Battleship Gray Lace 13.25 inch

Vinci PJ55 Black with Gray lace | 13.25 inch softball glove | Trapeze Web Closed Back


The PJV55  is constructed of our 5/6 Oz. Kip leather. This glove maintains it shape very well over time.

Vinci Pro gloves are the finest handcrafted gloves on the market and are designed with quality in mind. You can have the same quality the professionals wear with a Vinci.

These gloves have a very similar feel to our original model gloves, with higher quality materials. We utilized Sheepskin finger linings which are found on the top of the line gloves, put a solid palm pad in there for beefed up protection where you need it most.

We pre-treated the leather to allow for quicker break in time, and with all of that still have a glove that is one of the lightest on the market today. Some of what we are known for are still present with this glove, our exclusive thumb and pinky loops, our sturdy stays in fingers in the thumb and pinky reinforce the rigidity of the glove, allowing years of use without getting floppy.


Product Features
Web Style Trapeze Web
Glove Back Closed
Color Black/Battleship Gray Lace
Glove Size 13.25
Baseball Position Outfield
Softball Position Any




Vinci NEW Glove Model : CBW413 Women s Firstbase Mitt

Vinci recently introduced a new glove model to their Women’s Fastpitch Line of gloves

The CBW413 Women’s Firstbase Mitt

Left Handed or Right Handed Thrower

Vinci CBW413 Women's Fastpitch First Base Mitt from Buy Fastpitch Gloves

New Women's First Base Mitt from Vinci


A truly professional quality fastpitch First Base Mitt for Women You can have the same quality the professionals wear with a Vinci.

Individually handcrafted by Master Craftsman with years of experience and training, Vinci Pro CP Series utilizes 6.0 oz. US Steer hide. Our high quality steer hide provides a great glove with amazing feel.

“You want Padding! Wow“, these Vinci gloves are loaded with extra padding that goes up over your finger tips. No more sting on those cold mornings at the ball park.

CP Series utilizes ‘Pro Pads’ that are strategically placed and sewn inside the lining for better palm protection by covering a larger area of the hand.

A super deep pocket that almost glues the ball in  Our signature Vinci exclusive deep pocket design allows for better control and less spin. They also come with heavy-duty thumb and pinky loops, along with thumb and pinky supports which help retain the glove shape.

It feels so soft and Comfortable on my Hand The high-quality Deer Tanned Cowhide interior leather lining finger stalls are specially treated for a more comfortable feel. Our gloves also come shipped to you with our special glove conditioner. Utilizing our glove conditioner dramatically decreases break in time on our gloves and protects the glove for years of use.


New Vinci CBW413 Women's First Base Mitt for Fastpitch Softball

Some Features of This New MittVinci CBW413 First Base Mitt for Women's Fastpitch Softball

  • Closed Net-T Web
  • Closed Back
  • 13 inch
  • For Softball or Baseball





New Vinci Women's First Base Mitt for Fastpitch Softball

This glove model CBW413 is named in the memory of Wayne and Donna’s daughter Carrie who was born on April 13, 1982. Carrie played Fast Pitch softball for several years and lived life to the fullest. The web style on this first base mitt is as unique as Carrie was.


Softball Gloves For Men – That’s Right Fastpitch Ain’t Just For Girls…

Men's Softball Gloves | Fastpitch Ain't just for Girls   Mens Fastpitch Softball – We Need Good Gloves Too…

This one is for the Dad’s out there that still love to play ball. There are a lot of us that just like to play catch with our kids or maybe help coach a team and need to have a quality glove to catch with. There are some good gloves out there and here are some of them.

Akadema is a great company that makes baseball and softball gloves, not only for the professionals but for the rest of us too. They build those pro features and qualities into all the ball gloves they make.

For years many professional and non-professional players alike have been trying get the perfect fit and grip in thier glove. They were trying to stuff 4 fingers into 2 finger slots. They did this to get better control of the glove and a better grip on the ball when trying to field it.

Akadema APX 221 12.75 inch from www.BuyFastpitchGloves.com

Akadema APX 221 Men's Softball Glove

Innovative Patented Design
One of the founders of the company used to play a little ball and he noticed this. So when he started his glove company he got patents on several of these innovative designs. One that has really caught on is the Reptilian Claw. This is built into an outfielders 3-finger glove.

The Akadema APX 221 12.75 inch is that glove and man is it a sweet one. It is made of top line steerhide leather that is tanned to perfection. It is designed to be nearly game-ready right out of the box. Give it a week or two of good break-in and you are ready to play.

It has many traditional features like the modified trap web that many outfielders like, an open back with regular size finger stalls that will fit most men. Being an outfielders glove it is designed with a deep pocket. This makes it a great softball glove as well as baseball glove.

Akadema AHO 224 | Mens's Softball Glove | from www.BuyFastpitchGloves.com

Akadema AHO 224 Mens's Softball Glove


Another great Men’s Softball Glove is the Akadema AHO 224. This one is a 13 inch pattern with more traditional design features to it.  The larger size plays very well on a fastpitch softball or slowpitch softball field as well as baseball. This guy fits snuggly on your hand right out of the box but over time it molds to your hand like a custom. The AHO 224 has an H-web, an open back and that great Akadema deep pocket.


Both of those gloves as well as the next are part of the ProSoft Series from Akadema. This series of gloves is designed to be nearly game-ready using a perfectly tanned Steerhide leather that is thick yet supple. Give these gloves a couple weeks of catch and breaking in and they are game ready. The thick rawhide leather laces will take tons of abuse and will help these gloves last several seasons. Heck you can probably hand them down to your kids or grandkids.

Akadema AMK 226 | Men's Softball Glove | 13 inch glove | from www.BuyFastpitchGloves.com

Akadema AMK 226 Men's Softball Glove

This next glove the Akadema AMK 226 is also a 13″ Men’s Softball glove. This is one that is very traditional design as well. It comes with a B-hive web, an open back and of course that nice deep pocket that Akadema is famous for. There is also a 12 inch version of this glove – the ADH 214. It may be a little small for you softball guys but works great for baseball.  The AMK 226 only needs a little conditioner oil and a few games of catch or some pounding with a wooden glove mallet like the Coaches Glove Mallet and it will be ready to play. You won’t miss many fly balls with this glove on your hand.

Akadema makes several more gloves in the ProSoft line, most are baseball size gloves. A couple more are great for softball such as the 12.5 inch ALN 225 with its close back and B-hive web. It’s deep pocket will shine just like its siblings.  And for you Big Glove fans Akadema has the 14″ X-tra large pattern in its ASR 282. It is basically a 14 inch version of the ALN 225. It has the same B-hive web, closed back and ultra deep pocket.

Akadema AEA 65 | Fastpitch Catchers Mitt | 34 inch | from www.BuyFastpitchGloves.com

Akadema AEA 65 Fastpitch Catchers Mitt

I haven’t forgotten about you catchers. Akadema doesn’t make a men’s softball catchers mitt per say, but many guys use one of the two from the Fastpitch Series. They are snug fitting when new, but as you break them in they really mold nicely to your hand.  Those are the AEA65 in 34 inch, with its double t-web closed back and super deep pocket you won’t miss many drop balls with this on your hand.  The other fastpitch catchers mitt is the Akadema APM 66 in a 34.5 inch pattern. Both these catchers mitts are of the Praying Mantis patented design so they grab that ball and hang on to it. The APM 66 is slightly larger and has the Spiral-Lock web and includes a triple finger hammock design to give you plenty of control.

Akadema APM 66 | 34.5 inch Fastpitch Catchers Mitt | from www.BuyFastpitchGloves.com

Akadema APM 66 Fastpitch Catchers mitt


There you go guys, several really good fastpitch gloves for the men in the game. These models are priced very reasonable over at Buy Fastpitch Gloves. So reasonable that you can have a couple in your gear bag and still have money left over for burgers and beer after the game.

Next time we’ll take a look at some other great men’s and womens softball and baseball gloves from Akadema and Vinci Pro.

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LINEUP CHANGE | Welcome Vinci Women’s Fastpitch Gloves to the Lineup

Welcome Vinci Women’s Fastpitch Gloves to the Lineup 


At BuyFastpitchGloves.com we don’t like to mess with a lineup that is working. We tweak it here and there, change the batting order, mix up the infield at times, make a pitching change when necessary, but when a new player comes this highly recommended we give them a tryout.

This player had one heck of a tryout. She hit the ball hard, caught everything we could throw at her, pitched like a fireball and played the field with the best of them.

Without further delay – Buy Fastpitch Gloves is proud to introduce the newest line of Women’s Fastpitch Gloves from Vinci Pro.

At Buy Fastpitch Gloves our goal is to provide you with the best fastpitch softball gloves available. You play hard, so you deserve a glove that will stand up to your rigorous schedule.

You know there are many gloves out there, but only a few will meet the criteria of an All Star. We like to think we have a team full of All Star players. So before adding another player to our lineup many hours of research go into the selection.

You think your softball practices are hard – you should go through one of our new player tryouts!

Vinci is one of those companies that started small, they decided to offer the public the same gloves they make for the pros. You know many of the big name glove companies don’t do that. You have to be a pro to get a pro glove from them. Not with Vinci…
“The same leather we use for the pros, we use for these gloves,” said Vinci. “These are pro level gloves. But the mesh back is a little lighter and they break in easier for the players.” 

This new women’s fastpitch glove line is made with Kip leather, they use a double reinforced mesh on the back. This combination makes a glove that is strong, but will break in easy. The mesh back makes it easier to squeeze that ball.

This line of women’s fast pitch gloves features a new double reinforced mesh backing and a velcro wrist strap. The wrist strap adjusts better to different sizes and shapes. In addition, each softball glove has extra padding to ease impact when catching. “The fast pitch line was created due to high demand from customers and future customers,” said Pete Vinci, “Women’s fast pitch is now the fastest growing segment of amateur baseball.”

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Women’s Fastpitch Gloves by Vinci, Now Available from www. BuyFastpitchGloves.com

Vinci Pro Baseball Gloves and Vinci Eyewear also available from www. BuyFastpitchGloves.com