Which Glove is Right for You?

So Many Gloves at BuyFastpitchGloves.comWhich glove is right for my kid?

I hear that question over and over. I don’t think there is one simple answer since every kid is different and everyone has different preferences.

Some like small gloves, some like them large, huge even. Some prefer a really soft leather that is easy to break in fast, others want a leather that is stiff out of the box. Some kids like the velcro wrist strap to help adjust the fit, others like the closed back. There are just so many options and variations it’s really hard to say which is the best glove.

So here is a video that my friends over at Vinci Pro put together that I think at least shows a lot of the options available to you. Wayne does a nice job of describing the gloves and as they say, a picture – video in this case – is worth a thousand words. So to save my typing fingers and, oh well here is the video.

Hope you enjoyed the video and got some ideas for your new glove. Over at BuyFastpitchGloves.com you can find all the Vinci Pro softball and baseball gloves.

Head over there now and pick out your new Vinci Softball Glove.

Vinci makes a few different series of gloves. In the video Wayne talks about the 22 Series and the Limited Series. Both are excellent quality gloves. The main difference is the leather. The specifications are nearly the same other than that.

The 22 Series glove are crafted out of a top quality Steerhide that is perfectly tanned to help you break in your glove quickly- usually within a couple weeks or sooner.

The Limited series are crafted from 6 oz Kip leather with is a thick, strong leather that is really stiff right out of the box. It breaks in very nicely and will last you many years holding it’s shape all the time. Most of the Women’s Fastpitch Series are the Limited and also feature the Kevlar Mesh on the back. These are some of the nicest gloves I’ve seen and used.  Don’t be afraid of how stiff they are, they can be broken in within a few weeks if done right.

Take a look over at BuyFastpitchGloves.com or give ‘em a call or email.  support@buyfastpitchgloves.com  They will be glad to talk softball with you.

Vinci Pro Softball Gloves from BuyFastpitchGloves.comVinci Softball Gloves from BuyFastpitchGloves.com


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